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We are your trusted online cannabis and THC vape cartridge Mail Post delivery store in Australia . We are committed to providing safe, discreet and guaranteed access to top-grade medicinal and recreational marijuana, THC vape cartridges and cannabis edibles like gummies to clients all over Australia.

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Vaping is generally a better alternative to smoking since it reduces the ingestion of carcinogens, ammonia, and tar which is common in cannabis smoke. This process results in the release of psychoactive components such as THC, the compound that creates the feeling of euphoria.  Weed Vapes Australia offers you a wide range of vaporizing devices and vape juices. Browse through our shop to find the perfect vape products for you. Add them to your cart, and in just a few days we’ll deliver them to your doorstep or mail box.

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Online Weed and THC Vape Store Australia.

If you are in constant search of the perfect cannabis strain that will suit your various physical and mental needs, look no further, Weed Vape Australia will offer you that and more. Our service goes beyond the computer screens and courier companies; we extend it to your lifestyle so you can live your life better the way a happy person should. We strive on sourcing the best selection of cannabis products from top shelf marijuana, edibles and concentrates for our members.

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We know the fantastic impact that medical marijuana has on your life. That’s why we sell premium quality weed products online for all your marijuana needs and its available only in Australia.

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Medical Marijuana Strains



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Good weed
I love it when my boys smoke my weed and I tell them a silly price and they say it’s worth it for the quality. When I tell them the price I paid for oz they don’t even believe me. Weed Vape Australia all day everyday baby”

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I’ve been using these guys for ages. Excellent product, prompt delivery. What more could you ask.”

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